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What is Server Cloud Computing?

Cloud Servers are virtual servers that run on Cloud Computing platforms via the Internet in a separate environment. Being one of the most in-demand technology, Cloud Computing has allotted dedicated servers to be used by clients or share the servers among each other. Server Cloud Computing has numerous benefits that include user’s stability, global reach, and low latency. Cloud Servers are deployed in multi Availability Zones (AZs), as a result, the traditional on-prem servers are not able to match the globalization of Cloud Computing.

Cloud Servers are incredibly fast and stable to use, which results in better user experience even…

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What is CosmosDB?

CosmosDB is a managed database service that is supported by Satya Nadella’s Cloud Service Provider, Microsoft Azure. It is a database schema that is globally distributed and is used to manage the surplus amount of data contained in isolated data centers. It is also referred to as a Database-as-a-Service offering from Microsoft and is considered to be one of the important aspects of Microsoft Azure. It is highly available and a powerful computational database offering that boasts a lot of services since its launch in 2017.

It is a NoSQL database model that includes several advanced capabilities including API support…

What is Cloud Service Provider?

Often, while we discuss the impact of Cloud Computing in our daily life, we hear certain names associated with the domain. For example Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba Cloud, and so on. It confuses the clients about what are these and why are so many companies providing Cloud Computing services. These companies are nothing but called “Service Providers” who have corroborated to provide Cloud Services to clients all over the world.

Cloud Service Providers (CSP) are various multinational organizations that offer various Cloud services via networking, infrastructure, or business applications in the Cloud. They are located…

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Definition of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing, from the name, suggests a technology that is related to automation and computers. The word “Cloud” is often heard as something seen in the atmosphere as an accumulation of water droplets and moisture. In Cloud Computing, this word also has a typical reference to an amount of storage of data servers to serve the computing necessity of a system.

Computing refers to the processing power or the agility of the servers stored to meet up the on-demand requirements. Cloud Computing is an on-demand networking platform of servers stored over the Internet to manage and process data instead of…

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